Friday, April 18, 2014

God loves kittens and mondays

honestly, I was just about to put up a post about dancing.  but...then my mom reminded me it's good friday, and I was...a little convicted.  like maybe I should wait to get all richard simmons on you and actually write about something that matters a little more...

i rarely talk about faith here.  I may mention it offhand, but it is sooo deeply personal.  and I am in general a non-cheesy person, so sometimes I find the generic yet true 'God is love!' 'Cast your cares!' phrases make me feel a little like elaine benes from seinfeld when she was annoyed by the woman who was all 'my fian-ceee...' (btw, if you don't get this reference, we can't be friends.)

but...they are all true.  every one of them.  kitten poster, whatever - God IS love.  God DOES care.  God IS.  when I read through the new testament about Jesus and the stuff He talked about when he was on earth, it's...really amazing. those words will change your soul, if you let it.

i don't know how it all works, frankly, but God has placed so many pivotal people and experiences in my life that it's almost overkill at this point ;)  like, ok I get it!  I KNOW you love me now!!  lol.  and yes, because 'the Bible tells me so', but also because I am SEEING it.  and have been my whole life.  I just have to remember to open my eyes.

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Denise said...

love you and love this!