Saturday, July 26, 2014

we're alive. i think??

I've *almost* recovered from the road trip up.  it's only been what, 2 weeks? ;)

we took 3 days to drive from southern california to seattle.  we pulled our car with our minivan, and I felt pretty much like a beverly hillbilly the whole time.
aside from spilling scalding hot coffee ALL over pants' lap in the first twenty minutes of the trip (oops), day one was happy sunshine and smiles.  except for this next picture where all the kids look totally uneasy, lol.  this was when we stopped in LA to say a (sad!) goodbye to michael and jill and baby tallulah...

we will miss these darlings, all three of them :(

and then we hit the road for real.  that saturday the boys were (oddly) perfect angels (thank you secret roadtrip toy/candy bag!), and we powered through to redding, cali that night.  the next day...not so.  sharkey MELTED.  for like, hours?  I don't know, I think I blocked that entire leg of the trip out...anyone who's made a major life move with VERY sensitive children knows how awesome it is ;)  but once we got to portland late sunday afternoon (we stayed at the same hotel we stayed at last time we were there), the boys could swim and we went out to one of our favorite local burger places, and everything was good. well, except for the freezing cold milkshake sharkey accidentally spilled ALL over pants' lap.  i'm sensing a trend...

I couldn't even LOOK at all the last-minute stuff pants' had crammed in the back of the van...*cringe*

I will say it was a BEAUTIFUL drive. 

and once we were in the walls of pines, I felt HOME.  

I wanna say...Shasta?  I think? 
  our new home!  just kidding ;)
we made it to the new house around noon on monday, just in time to meet the realtor and the moving truck.  and the neighbors next door who have a huge dog the boys immediately fell in love with.  and the local jimmy john's.  and so our northwest adventure begins!

Friday, July 11, 2014

i can resist anything. except temptation.

the moving truck is currently on it's way to seattle!  and on saturday we start our three-day road trip up with the kids.  help me lol...
so this move...might kill me?  i did already have a nice meltdown this past you know, got that out of the way ;)  but now i'm feeling good.  and the kids were fighting TERRIBLY for the last 2 weeks (which was awesome when we had family visiting, ugh) but this week they have (mostly) been pretty great. (maybe it's the calming essential oils I've been constantly diffusing in the house??)
shark and his buddy had such a great time hanging out in the empty moving truck.  they tricked it all out with snacks, comfy stuff, etc.  i wish I had snapped a picture of their final set-up...
and pants loved when sharkey was 'helping' load the truck.
 just kidding.
shark was a beast at re-arranging the boxes though.

we've been eating out a lot since the kitchen is packed up, but i am ready to get back to some real cooking.  oh, and we just heard the word that the kitchen in the new house is looking great and pretty much finished!  I am so excited!  and shark is reeeally into that chik-fil-A book...
 we are also ready to get back to eating off real plates.
i am trying to stay upbeat (especially for sky's sake), and pants and I are 100percent positive that this move is the right thing for us...but man!  this whole process is STRESSFUL.  and it's hard to take care of yourself when you are running all at 2:30am still putting things in the moving truck...

this old hat's getting way too much use, especially with lots of cleaning happening.

the best part about this week is that it worked out so we got to see all our good friends one last time!  sky had a nice send off with his youth and skate(board) group too, which really meant a lot to us.  we are going to miss everyone so much!!

Friday, July 4, 2014

we solve crimes. i blog about it, he forgets his pants.

lots of random...

i really should be packing right now...but the kids are finally for the first time in weeks playing nicely together, so it's like my one chance to be on the computer.  but you should see my moving binder!!  what?  you don't have a labeled binder tab for every.single.facet of your life?  I am insane with my lists...
 i'm oddly getting excited for the colder (post-summertime) weather in seattle.  I get to wear less of this:
and more of this:
and can I just say the boys are growing like CRAZY?  this cat:
is *almost* in a men's size shoe...
we are on our way to wrapping things up here in orange county!  only one more week till we move up to seattle!!  getting in lots of last-minute time with friends...


we are in buckingham palace...sherlock holmes, put your trousers on.

my brother's family came out last week, which was fun except for the piles of boxes strewn everywhere around my house...oh, and the tooth i had to get pulled on tuesday ;) but here are a few highlights of some fun stuff with the kids!

at the pacific marine mammal center in laguna with cousin emily...
we love seals.  and sharks.
 and frowning.
 I looove downtown laguna beach.
tired blues...
 at the tide pools!

 sky and cousin emily...digging something up...
 and a 'hangin' around the house' and my bro on dueling computers.  (ignore the moving mess!  and head?!)


a hearty thanks to will smith

our last california-style fourth of july!
bike riding to the parade...

 hangin' out with friends...

pants LOVES selfies!

this guy had sooo much fun with the 'big kids'!