Tuesday, September 16, 2014

ending at a beginning

so...I am starting a new blog!  I've loooved hanging out here at calamity jane (since '07!) but it's time to move on...apparently to wordpress ;)  so you can now find me here:  www.whatsunnysees.wordpress.com.  see you on the other side!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

you can't rent a car with shower curtain rings, del.

on saturday we went to bainbridge island with my pal denise and her two girls.  it was cool because we got to take the light rail train to seattle, then a ferry over to the island.  we LOVED the ferry!  and I don't mean just the boys, even pants and I thought it was the coolest thing...
  ferry time!  
 what's better than popcorn and a ferry ride?
the shark was ALL OVER the boat. he had a great time going up and down every flight of stairs/all the decks the whole way there.
 once we got to bainbridge, we walked to the cutest downtown.  it was like, 2pm and we hadn't eaten lunch yet though (just snacks on the ferry), so we stopped at this cool little deli...but I was panicky about the kids being hungry and got a little flustered trying to order before the boys filled themselves up on root beer, and it took me awhile to figure out something that sky would actually eat.  so...sorrypantsforbeingsnappywithyou.  all good in the end though!
then we walked around, got coffee (yes!), and then ice cream.  I had lavender (ok, and also maybe a scoop of maraschino cream cherry too...) and it was so good.
  sharkey was a bit of a wild man all day, probably because of lunch late and too many treats.  but he's kind of always like that anyway, so...here's an example - a pic of me and sky:

  aaaand a pic of me and sharkey:
um, yeah ;)
in the middle of town they had this cool tree where everyone could walk by and write 'what motivates you'.  of course I wrote 'coffee'.  some random smart alec wrote this, ha:
 pants grabbed a shot of all of us on our devices waiting to get back on the ferry.  thank GOODNESS I had sky's old DSI in my purse for sharkey to play with so he'd sit still for five minutes, lol.  and what is denise laughing at?  and who am I smiling so freaking huge at?!
  almost back to the mainland...
 oh, seattle. 
  we might love you...

Saturday, August 9, 2014

bigfoot doesn't believe in you either.

friday at snoqualmie falls.
   this one.  never.stops.moving. 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

it took me like, three hours to finish the shading on your upper lip.

the kids have been watching napoleon dynamite recently...'tina, you fat lard!'
i feel like we have already done a TON of stuff since we got here, but with the boys on summer vacation, why not?  i love getting to know this whole area.  and it's been SO great for pants and the boys to have real quality time together!  I think it's really made the boys so much happier. 
although this week it's back to 'real life' a bit - i have to enroll the kiddos in school, find a good orthodontist for sky, and look into beginner hockey for sharkey (he is dying to get on the ice and we have a rink 3min away!).  lots to do...we also went to a church today and we think we like it, so we're gonna try it again next week too. 
pants and i have been planning a few things for the fall...tossing around some ideas for when the kids are back in school. i'm also hoping to maybe go back to work (just part-time, doing something i really like...more on that later!) once the kids are settled.  I have been trying to work for years, lol, but it just hasn't ever been the right time with pants' travel schedule and the kids needing me so much.  so we'll see!
and we've been eating out way too much.  but at good places.  i just get sooo sick of cooking and it's been like, 90degrees here, ugh!  ooh, i had the best fish and chips the other day at this little tiny hole-in-the-wall...

Friday, August 1, 2014

i got poked at the space needle. (can someone PLEASE tell pants to stop saying this??)

 out with the boys in downtown seattle!
whoo hoo! 

  pants loves to take terrible pictures of me.  he said, 'let me get a picture of you and shark'.  really?
 at least this one was better.  shark must be touching me at.all.times. 
it's cool you can just hop on the monorail and ride to the space needle.


  sky eating skittles and instagramming pics like crazy...his perfect day.  or mine ;)

   shark was on a hunt for the best souvenir...
the blue angels were in town.  although this doesn't look good...